Henry & Aaron: 7 Steps to Superstardom : Infamy Is Good-Famy

Henry & Aaron: 7 Steps to Superstardom : Infamy is Good-Famy

These are just a few of the stills shot over the heads of people during the filming of ‘Infamy Is Good-Famy‘ inside the caravan. I had my camera aimed in the general direction of where Henry & Aaron were in the caravan & kept firing the off the flash as much as I could (the scene was a press invitation to Aaron’s ‘home’ whilst he was in the process of running for Mayor & there weren’t many other flash units on hand) and didn’t reallllly expect any of the photos to turn out as well as they did!

A little pushed for space at times but it felt like I was one of the people getting out a clown car at one point… I’m sure we could have fit a few more people in there though.

All photographs by Court McAllister/Mac1Photography

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