MUTEMATH: Live At The Astor Theatre

MUTEMATH: Live at The Astor Theatre

All photographs taken by Court McAllister/Mac1Photography

So who are MUTEMATH? A creative, musically energetic, endearing & totally rad four-piece from New Orleans that ticks all the boxes. Live show that dominates (LED lit mattress for some crowd surfing included) with some ear melting sounds with super clever hooks & a drummer that just does his own damn thing. With headphones neatly gaffa taped to his head, why not!

I couldn’t bring myself to crop a few of these shots, purely because the crowd interaction was so consistent throughout the whole gig that it almost felt a little sad to get rid of them. So I didn’t. I also spent most of the gig waving/dancing (camera was on the chair) around in happiness at how talented these guys were. ‘We’re just going to jam for about 5-7 minutes, I hope you don’t mind.’ NOPE. NO MINDING HERE.

Paul apparently kicked this girl pulling the ‘this is a rad gig’, face at last years Groovin’ The Moo, (probably at this point here) in the head, but made a firm point of apologising to her during the gig. What a champion!

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