Megan & Cam

I recently travelled to Idaho in America to spend some time with a couple-to-be-wed, Megan & Cameron.

I met Megan on a message board 4 years ago, and until the night that her and Cameron picked me up from the baggage claim at Idaho Falls Airport, we’d never met face to face. It wouldn’t be the first time though!

The week that was to follow was a whirlwind of (mainly cats), Doctor Who-oing, geeking out over coffee, cars and cameras, sightseeing in Yellowstone National Park, Las Vegas, Disneyland & San Francisco (not in that order), REECES CHOCOLATE, froyo and naps in the car.

Nearly 2000 miles later we parted ways and I didn’t want to leave! I couldn’t have asked to have a better time, I hope I see these guys again soon 🙂

More photos to be added soon!

Setting off from Idaho to San Francisco!

Newlyweds <3

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